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Add Orange Peel to compost and pot plants

Gardening is a lot of hard work - from dry soil to uninvited guests in every corner, there are countless things that make the hobby a nightmare. However, a gardening expert has shared a nifty orange peel trick to encourage gardens to ''thrive'' Orange peels are full of vital nutrients that are good for keeping soil healthy

According to the handsome experts at James Pond Gardening , using orange peels is a fantastic way to keep plants nourished whilst keeping pests at bay. Their skins, contain vital nutrients that can feed the soil - this can be done either by making a compost or just adding straight on the soil. Not only that but these citrus fruit peels also serve as great natural pest repellents - this will keep both you and your plants protected. “One of the things I love most about gardening is I can use so many household items and scraps to make my garden shine,''

“Gardens thrive off of the items we may otherwise be inclined to throw away, making them even more frugal and affordable to enjoy.

“Orange peels are no exception when it comes to household scraps you can use in your garden.”

revealed the top four ways fellow gardeners can benefit from adding orange peels into their gardening routine. Orange peels to repel pests For most of us, orange peels remind of Christmas or a summery evening with a glass of Aperol Spritz.

But for bugs and insects the citrusy scent is a big no, making it an excellent repellent for these uninvited guests. To make the most of your leftovers peels, simply place them all across the garden.

Orange peels to add acidity to soil According to the expert, orange peels can be dried and grounded - these small bits can be used to enrich your soil. The same, can also be obtained by adding some orange peels to a compost pile. Some plants, like hydrangeas, rhododendrons, and camellias, thrive in acidic soil - so for those looking to plant them, orange peels is a great addition. Oran

ge peels to make a budget friendly fertiliser The skin of this juicy fruit is full of nitrogen, a component essential to good fertiliser. To those who think their soil might need a little boost, I recommended adding some ground-up orange peels. The peels, will release the nitrogen, resulting in a nutrient-rich soil that plants love. It is also extremely easy to make - simply grind up the peels and add enough water to form a paste. Orange peels to give compost a boost According to the gardening expert, having a compost is the “easiest” way to ensure plants are nourished.

“Start saving your kitchen scraps such as egg shells, orange peels, vegetable peels, and even junk mail so you can shred them and add them to your compost pile.”

These kitchen scraps are full of several nutrients that will break down and blend together into what gardeners refer to as “black gold” - a nutritious soil that will give plants a tremendous boost they need.


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