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Where to Start this Spring

Clean garden

  • Spring is not only a good time to clean the house — it’s an excellent season to clean your garden beds and remove any dead leaves or winter dieback on plants. Throw these materials in the compost pile.

  • Don’t forget to remove old weeds, taking out their roots to discourage their re-growth. It’s typically a good idea to toss weeds and diseased plant parts in the trash, not the compost pile.

  • Clean and sharpen your garden tools now, so they are ready for use. If you’re feeling energetic, organize your tool shed so it will be easier to find the things you need readily during gardening season.

Feed the soil

  • Amend your soil with a couple inches of organic materials, such as compost, well-aged manure or worm castings. Organic matter is very important to healthy soil, which leads to healthy gardens. Consider buying soil amendments in bulk to save money, and share with neighbors.

  • Get a soil test to see exactly what nutrients your soil needs. Many cooperative extension services around the nation provide local residents with soil tests for free or a reasonable rate.

  • Feed your garden beds with well-balanced fertilizers around this time, following the directions carefully.

Prune your plants

  • One main reason for pruning plants in spring is to stimulate growth. That’s why you don’t want to prune your plants too early in the season, in case of an unexpected frost.

  • Spring blooming plants are generally pruned shortly after they bloom so you don’t remove any future flowers.

  • Summer blooming plants are typically pruned earlier in spring to stimulate their growth.

  • For roses, many temperate climates follow the guidelines of pruning roses when the forsythia blooms.

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